5 Best sites to download android apk files free without Play store

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Why do we go for online Android apk sites instead of Playstore?

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There are 5 best sites to download apk files free without playstore. They are 1.APKMirror, 2.AppBrain, 3.AndroidFreeware, 4.APK Pure, 5.APK4fun. 
The most of the free and best Apk files for the Android will be downloaded from the site of the Play store. The Android operating system is a very popular one which is downloaded over the 86.2 percent of devices. But some of the devices won’t come with the installed Play store App. 
But also some of the App developers will not upload their Apps into the Play store because the Google charges some fee in order to upload.
We can find many of the sites on online to download apk files but it is very serious about privacy. No one can compromise their personal details to the third person. So, that we have to select the sites which were trusted. In this article, we will be going to provide the list of the sites which are very safe to download the apk files from online.
Are APK downloads safe?
The APK files are safe from the trusted websites such as the Google Play store and Amazon store. We have many numbers of stores to download the apps but we have only limited sites which are trustful.

How do I download an APK?
The apk file is nothing but an App. One can download the apk files from the very popular sites such as Google play store for the Android devices and  App store for the iOS devices.
You can download by opening the Browser and install from the PC or a Mobile device.

Are APK files safe to install?
The apk files from the untrusted sites will lead the entering of the malware such as the virus, trojans etc. So, the sites which are very popular and trusted are safe to download the apk files.
What is meant by MOD APK?
The MOD APK is the modified apk mostly you will see in the game having coins and gems. 
Can APK files have virus?
The apk files have some bugs which lead to the entering of the malware.

Can I delete APK files?

Anyone can download and delete the apk files at any point of time by simply long pressing on the app and choosing the uninstall option.

5 Best sites to download android apk files free without Play store

Hey guys! if you have to download apk files from the most popular sites safely then are on the right place. If you opened any untrusted site full of links you will click on any other button finally unwanted files or the Malware will enter into your devices. Therefore care should be taken to download the apk files online.
Now we will provide the best apk apps list from which you can easily download.
Best apk sites for downloads
infographic for How to download best & safe apk from online sites for free
4.APK Pure
Now let us go into the best apk sites to download


1.APKMirror, How to download best & safe apk from online sites for free
APKMirror: It is one of the best sites to download the apps. It contains different types of apps such as Games and other applications. The APKMirror is very user-friendly. The apps are only signed by the app developers. 
It’s having the search engine to manage the apps and give the user-friendly results. You can simply search the app you want and download it directly into your device. The APKMirror will provide the latest releases i.e it always updates with the latest versions of Apps.

2.AppBrain2.AppBrain, How to download best & safe apk from online sites for free

AppBrain: The site offers the already downloaded apps from the Play store. If anyone is struggling to download the files from the Google Playstore they can easily download the apps. It has a simple user interface. Here we can find the best apps and it is a alternative of the Google Playstore.


3.AndroidFreeware, How to download best & safe apk from online sites for free
AndroidFreeware.net: It is the comprehensive APK Library. It is also one of the best sites to download the apk files free with no cost. You no need to pay a penny to download the apk files as that of in other Stores. It offers everyone to download the files with zero cost. It has nearly 1500 + apk files ready to download.


APKPure, How to download best & safe apk from online sites for free
APKPure: It is the officially released apk downloader app. With the help of the APKPure, you can download the apps which are restricted to download in your Country, free registered games. Here you can find and install the latest games and play with it.


APK4Fun, How to download best & safe apk from online sites for free
APK4Fun: It is one of the best sites to download the apk files. It has millions of the Apps and other products for free without Play store.
It is the alternative to Google Play store when we consider the reviews and updates and it is most secure, reliable and fast.
Author’s Opinion:
In my opinion, all the five sites are best and useful but based on your requirement you have to select which store best suites to you.

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