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  decoding Reasoning Questions and answers

 Coding decoding and reasoning questions:     Hello! viewers, in this post we have provided the information about coding and decoding reasoning questions!! Candidates those who are looking for the coding-decoding and reasoning questions can check this post.

About Coding decoding Reasoning Questions and Answers:

The aptitude coding and decoding are very useful in many of the government exams and the interview questions. There is a great need to learn the aptitude coding and decoding reasoning questions. Everyone who is going to attempt any government exams and dealing with the interviews has to know the aptitude coding-decoding compulsorily. 
In this post, we are going to cover the basic steps to analyze the coding-decoding reasoning questions. It’s a very useful tutorial for the job seekers and who are going to write online exams and government exams. 
The people can easily learn the basics of coding and decoding reasoning questions. In this post, we are also covering the examples of the coding-decoding reasoning questions. This post is very useful for those who are learning the aptitude coding-decoding reasoning questions. The coding and decoding reasoning questions will enable to cover the basic questions in interviews and exams on the coding-decoding reasoning questions.

Coding decoding reasoning questions and Answers:

The post about basics of coding-decoding reasoning questions and answers enable everyone to cover some questions on aptitude coding decoding. If you are through with the aptitude questions then you will get the good score on the aptitude coding and decode questions and reasoning.
The people who want to crack the interview questions and the exams then they have to know the aptitude coding and decoding questions also. In this post, we are collecting the information of the aptitude coding-decoding. It is definitely useful to the students and the government exams and the interviews. 
Here in the coding-decoding reasoning questions, we will cover some basics of solving the aptitude coding-decoding reasoning questions. The job seekers who are going to attend the interview they can find the aptitude coding-decoding reasoning questions and answers and who are willing to learn the basics of coding-decoding reasoning questions can definitely find it useful as of our expectations.
First of all, in coding-decoding reasoning, you have to learn the numbering of the alphabets in forward and as well as reverse order. There are 26 alphabets in the English Language. Therefore the forward numbering of A=1 and B=2 etc.TABLE:
Coding-decoding Alphabets Numbering 

A=1,26 B=2,25
C=3,24 D=4,23
E=5,22 F=6,21
G=7,20 H=8,20
I=9,19 J=10,18
K=11,17 L=12,16
M=13,15 N=14,15
O=15,14 P=16,13
Q=18,12 R=19,11
S=20,10 T=21,9
2. In a coded language ‘CAB’ is coded as ’75’ then ‘CYCLE’ is coded as …..? In the above tabular column we have given the numbering in forward and as well as reverse order up to ‘T’ only you have to find up to ‘Z’. The forward numbering in coding-decoding of ‘A’ is ‘1’ and reverse order is ’26’ and so on.


Examples of Coding-decoding reasoning questions:

1. In a coded language ‘INDIA’ is coded as the ’98’ then ‘AMARAVATHI’ is coded as….?


3. In a coded language ‘ABC’ is coded as ‘6’ then ‘XYZ’ coded…..?
4. In a coded language ‘CAB’ is coded as ‘242625’ then ‘CYCLE’ is coded as….?
5. In a coded language ‘AB’ is coded as ’51’ then ‘X+Y’ is coded as…?
Answers to the coding and decoding reasoning question No:1
1. In a coded language ‘INDIA’ is coded as the ’98’ then ‘AMARAVATHI’ is coded as….?
In the above coding and decoding example ‘INDIA’ is coded as ’98’ now we have to decode the logic which was implemented in the word ‘INDIA’. Now we have to give the forward numbering then we get ‘I’=9, ‘N’=14, ‘D’=4, ‘A’=1. If we add these all we get only ’37’.
Now we have to give reverse order then we have ‘I’=18, ‘N’=13,’D’=23, ‘I’=18, ‘A’=26. The sum of all is ’98’. Now we got the logic, we have to implement the same logic on the other word  ‘AMARAVATHI ‘.
Here reverse order of  ‘A’=26, ‘M’=14, ‘A’=26, ‘R’=9, ‘A’=26, ‘V’=5, ‘A’=26, ‘T’=7, ‘H’=19, ‘I’=18.Now we have to add the above then we get the sum is ‘176’.
You have to do the remaining questions of coding and decoding and comment on the answers below.

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