Free Educational Websites for Students in India

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About Free Educational Websites for Students in India

 Free educational websites for students in India: Most of the institutions providing free education for students. With the help of online websites. Nowadays we have tremendous competition in getting Jobs.
If we want to join the best college, the fee they charge is very high.
Free Educational Websites for Students in India
Anyone can take the courses at their convenient time at free educational websites for students. It provides world-class teaching at your doorsteps through a PC/Laptop with an Internet connection.

E-Learning Websites for students:

NPTEL is an excellent MOOCs platform for the students throughout the world. It is the initiative taken by the Indian Government for the student welfare. All these courses are free and are called free educational websites for students.
It offers thousands of courses for every individual. They conduct assessments and provide a platform to discuss and clarify the doubts.
NPTEL provides various courses on E-learning through the Videos and Online web and more, free educational websites for students.

Free Courses for students in India

 Aerospace Engineering
Atmospheric Science 
Automobile EngineeringBasic courses(Sem 1 and 2)
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry
Civil Engineering



Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Engineering Design
Environmental Science
General Humanities and Social Sciences
Mechanical Engineering
Metallurgy and Material Science
Mining Engineering
Ocean Engineering
Textile Engineering 

Free Educational Websites for Students at

On the subjects such as Computing [ HTML, JavaScript, Database, Games], Mathematics [Algebra…], Social studies, Science, Electrical Engineering and more, free educational websites for students.

 Free Educational Websites for Students at provides basic programming fundamentals for beginners and it is very useful for the kids to start programming from Scratch. It is a useful and free educational website for students.
It provides Certification for some nominal fee.




Make your own game, app, computer drawing.
Develop working apps, games, and websites using blocks, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more.
   Take university courses online or learn a new programming language.

Free Educational Websites for Students at

It is very useful for programming from scratch and gives basic knowledge of programming languages. It is a free educational website for students.


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