Google Tez App chat feature

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Google Tez has added the chat feature: As the WhatsApp has the testing payments feature in India.

Google Tez App Chat feature:

The google Tez App makes the users communicate with each other with the help of their contacts. The App allows the users to request the money by chatting. The google Tez App makes the users communicate with each other about the payments and the transactions.
The release of the Tez chat feature is confirmed by Google’s spokesperson. The Google Tez chat feature is not actually available for all the users. The feature is only available for the people to have an updated version of the Google Tez App.
The chatting feature is available only when both the sides having the latest version of the App.
The Chat button placed right next to the ‘Pay’ and ‘Request’ buttons on the Google Tez App allows interacting with the contacts. There is also a feature that allows the users to block and even disable a particular chat thread.
With these features the Google Tez App definitely attracts the users to use it very easily. It has processed approximately 140 million transactions since it is launched in September last year. The Tez App has added utility bill payments support and the 70 billers on board.
The Google Tez App is going to affect the Whatsapp and the Paytm users with the latest update.
The Tez App chat feature supports the languages such as the English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada and Telugu languages in India.

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