iPhone X phones robbery Reportedly it Cost of $370,000

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About iPhone X phones robbery Reportedly it Cost $370,000 

The iPhone X phones robbery Reportedly it Cost  $370,000. It happened before the lift of Apple Company’s new products i.e it will lift the very smart and expensive new iPhone mobiles Tomorrow.
But, earlier Today in San Francisco three husky dudes robbed as many as 313 Apple iPhone X devices. In the outside of San Francisco Apple store when the mobiles are in the UPS truck has stolen.
As we know, the mobile products of Apple Company have very much craze. The iPhone X is the best product it is the high priced mobile ever since. These are the new iPhones which are ready to lift.




The Apple Company’s new product iPhone X which is best known for its Screen and its price of $ 1000 it is the high price of iPhone mobiles ever since. The iPhone X is almost bezel-free- The iPhone X mobiles have awesome features such as Reachability and much more.


The hidden features of Apple iPhone X mobiles are given below



Not considering the price, Tim Cook probably emphasizes that if you probably afford one iPhone if you would just stop buying so much fancy Coffee. The multiple reports said that the iPhone X mobiles will shift sooner than they expected.
The three Apple iPhone enthusiasts found a loophole in the third party retailer’s shipping service, make them pick iPhone a day earlier. Actually, the cost of an Apple iPhone is $ 1000 which make it a very high price Apple iPhone since ever.
The iPhone X of Apple Company is one of the best and great products. It allows users to interact very effectively. The features of Apple iPhone has improved further which make it the best iPhone X ever before.
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