OnePlus 5 Open Beta 6 brings Android 8.1

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Details about the OnePlus 5 Open Beta 6 brings Android 8.1 or OxygenOS open Beta 6 for the OnePlus 5 

For the OnePlus smartphones, OnePlus announced the new open beta. The open beta makes the company’s new devices to update to the Android 8.1. At present it is in beta means that you need to update the open beta program for Android Oreo.


OnePlus 5 Open Beta 6 brings Android 8.1 or oxygen open Beta 6 for the OnePlus 5
The important thing here is the update to 8.1, next to answer the phone calls new pick up gesture is added, there is also the improvements in gaming mode.
It is very attractive to get the additional ambient display clock option. The OnePlus 5 is also getting the February security patch.
The update of 8.1 take the new optimizations to the OnePlus 5. The updated system can also save the Power and pause adaptive brightness while gaming.
The update of the OnePlus 5 brings to migrate application data which allows switching between many devices.
Important Note: This is a beta software and is not as stable as the official OTAs normally are. In the below, you can able to discuss your doubts in the forum. If you want you can download it from the Internet.
And in the below feedback link you can also give your reviews and also you can see the feedback from the other people.

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