‘Tez’ Google payments App launched in India by Arun Jaitley

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The Google payments App ‘Tez’ launched in India: The search engine Company Google has launched the Mobile payments App ‘Tez’ in India. On Monday the ‘Tez’ app has launched by India’s Finance Minister Arun Jaitley at Delhi.
The Tez is downloadable from the Google Play store for Android OS, it is also available for the IOS in Apple App Store and for Windows also it is available.
In the context of launching the ‘Tez’ App, the Finance minister said that ‘this is totally made in India App’.
However, the App has to work on both the Android and IOS platform.
The Tez App works based on the Unified Payments Interface. All the major banks in India are connected with the ‘Tez’ App. Some of the Banks are SBI, HDFC, AXIS, ICCI.
The customers can easily do the transactions with the with the help of QR Code, Phone Number and Bank Account details in the ‘Tez’ App.
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For the promotion of the ‘Tez’ App Google has made referral rewards. When the user refers to his friend and he Signs in payments done then the User and his friend have to get the reward of RS.51. In this way, one can earn more money if refers to the number of the people.
But the maximum limit to be rewarded is the Rs.9000 and it is valid for a limited period of time i.e April 1st in the year 2018.

The features of Tez App launched in India

The Google has taken the care in order give a good service and experience to the Merchants, Traders and other Business persons.
The Business persons can easily make an account in the ‘Tez’ App and agree with the digital payments. A Business person can able to receive the digital payments up to the Rs.50,000.
For this google is not costing any money. The Tez App had created very securely by the Google.
The user can easily download the Tez App on the SmartPhone. After downloading you can set the Google Pin or the screen lock easily. Along with this, it can easily add the Bank accounts to the ‘Tez’ mobile App.

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