The users of the Whatsapp has to know the top secret features of it

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The users of the Whatsapp has to know the top secrets of it: The Whatsapp is a very fastest growing and the popular network site. it has a special status in all the social networking sites.
The Whatsapp social network is used by the 1.5 billion users every month. The messages shared with the Whatsapp social network is up to 60 billion. We will wonder what the everyday users of the Whatsapp or the returning users the of Whatsapp are in crores. Hence every user of the Whatsapp has to know the five Whatsapp secrets.
However, every Whatsapp user must know these five secrets of the Whatsapp. There is also the features of the Whatsapp which will offer the security.

 Whatsapp user must know these five secret features of the Whatsapp

Watching Youtube Videos on Whatsapp

Watching the Youtube Videos on Whatsapp is a useful feature of Whatsapp. This feature allows the sharing of the Youtube Video links.
These links can be sharable by the family and friends in the Whatsapp community. When this link has clicked then the Youtube is to be played.
If any notification sent from the Video sites then we have the chance to read that notification. We can also chat while the Video is in online.
In Whatsapp, we can also add the stickers to the Photos and Videos
It is one of the interesting features of the Whatsapp. This feature allows the users to add the stickers of the location, time stickers on the Videos. By clicking on the Whatsapp + symbol we can easily add the stickers to the photos and Videos.

One of the important and secure features of Whatsapp is the money transfer

In Whatsapp, without closing the chat activity we can also send the money to our friends and to receive the money from the friends and family.
How to delete a message in the Whatsapp.
The Whatsapp has the user interesting feature such as the deletion of the messages that are mistakenly sent. If you press and hold the message then the message should be deleted.
Then you can see a pop-up window having the links of reply, forward, copy delete.

How to hide, when the Whatsapp opened or closed

The information about the user, when he is in online? will be shown to others if he/she changes the settings. For the setting of this feature you have to go to Settings > Privacy > Nobody and click on to the Nobody.
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