Top Features of Apple iPhone X

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About the top features of Apple iPhone X 

The top features of Apple iPhone X have the craze due to its features of Mobiles in the market. The Apple products are leading in the market.
Now also the people are waiting to buy the products of Apple Company very seriously. When the Apple iPhone X is released the people rushed to the shops.
Every Apple product comes with latest features into the market and competes with the internet era. The latest Apple product introduced is the Apple iPhone X which was a best-featured product ever.
The Apple iPhone X have the new features which will not be seen on the other iPhones. This Mobile has the highest price on all the iPhone devices.

The top features of Apple iPhone X are given below :

About the Apple iPhone X

The first and foremost feature of iPhone X is its design. The Apple Company introduced a new display with least bezels for an all-screen design.
In Apple iPhone X there is no bottom bezel, Home button, and no Touch ID fingerprint sensor. The front Camera, Speaker, and sensors will appear at a glance on iPhone X which means all these are facing on the front side.



When we come to the dimensions of Apple iPhone X we have the 143.6mm tall by 70.9mm wide, and it is 7.7mm thick.


The Apple iPhone X is comparatively bigger than the iPhone 8 and smaller than the iPhone 8 Plus and it is thicker than both devices.
It is easily used by one hand. The Apple iPhone X has the great user-friendly interface which is easily used to work with.
The iPhone X comes up with the two colors of Silver and Space Gray. Both the colors offering an almost pearlescent finish and has precise hues and opacity.
A reflective optical layer is added to the iPhone X to enhance the two colors. The steel frame is used in the iPhone X which is made up of a special alloy designed for better durability by the Apple Company.
On the left side of iPhone X has the Mute and volume buttons and whereas on the right side have the elongated button which has new functionality i.e for the removal of Home button.
At the backside of the Apple iPhone X has the dual-lens rear Camera which is arranged in vertical orientation first in iPhone X. At the Camera between two lenses, there is a quad-LED flash and a Microphone.

Water and Dust Resistance

The Apple iPhone X is IP67 water and dust resistant. It can withstand the exposure to dust and water. The feature is not same under all conditions and also there is no warranty for the Apple Company about the water and dust resistant.
Read caution on the Apple iPhone X sheet when your Phone is accidentally exposed to the water and dust.

iPhone X Interface changes

Apple Company has introduced the iPhone X with no Home button which was a very attractive feature for iPhone X users. Locking process will be done by the new facial recognition system and if you have the Home button you simply have to swipe from the bottom of the display.
By this features it is very easy to navigate in the Apple Company’s new device iPhone X. Having these all features the iPhone X has the high price.

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