Top Hidden features in Iphone X

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About Top Hidden Features in iPhone X

Top Hidden features in Iphone X
The Top Hidden Features of iPhone X before that as we all know the Apple Company is a Standard in its brand and products. For many years it has released many of the products such as iPhone into the market. one of the main products that Apple Company releases is the iPhone series.

The Apple Company introduced iPhone, iPod and much more to the world at the very first time. Most of us are using the Apple Company’s products but we don’t Know the Top Hidden features in iPhone X which was one of the best products of  Apple Company.
The iPhone X has many interesting features that everyone has to know whether they are using Apple iPhone X or not, everyone has to know this interesting features and facts about the Apple Company’s product i.e, top Hidden features in iPhone X.
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List of Top Hidden features in iPhone X

How to turn ON the display of Apple iPhone X
previously everyone has to press the Home Button to Switch ON the iPhone but now it has the top hidden feature with which one can easily interact with it i.e, it allows you to wake it up by pressing the sleep or wakeup button and also by raising the Phone.
 How to unlock Apple iPhone X
Actually, the Apple iPhone X has the Face recognition feature with which one can use to secure the Device but it is not supported or it can’t be unlocked when you are using Sunglasses or one can be Blind. It can be easily overcome by pressing disable option which is top Hidden features in iPhone X.
Reachability of Apple iPhone X
After you unlock your phone you have to swipe from the bottom edge of the iPhone then now you can think about Reachability? The Company also made the shortcuts to reach the most useful buttons. By swiping down on the Homebar button you can change the entire User interface.
Multi-tasking Feature in Apple iPhone X
When coming to the multi-tasking in iPhone it allows the user to switch to other Apps by pressing the Home button. iPhone X, also have the same feature, but it will allow the user to select next App then you can directly drag the Home button either left or right, which was very easy to use.

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